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I am resizing the videoPlayer object by script and export snapshots of the

In 8.1.2 or 8.1.3 I had to  adapt my scipt for placing and resizing the
videoplayer for Mac only by the hight of the menubar (before LC 8 the code
was on Win and Mac the same)

Now with LC 8.1.4 rc3 I again have to adapt the script for getting the rect for the snapshot of the videoPlayer on Mac only by the hight of the manubar.

Has anybody encountered similar differences in getting rects depending on the menubar? Is this wanted? Has anything changed in calculating the hight
of the menubar on Mac?

We've looked at your bug report and we think that there are two separate issues here.

The first is related to how the engine placed native layers - this was not quite right on Mac prior to 8.1.4-rc-2 - however should be fine in that release and later.

The second is related to using 'export snapshot from rect' - this is a screen-relative operation, which means the rect must be in screen co-ordinates. Appropriate application of 'globalLoc()' function should fix you up there - I've posted some sample code which corrects the sample stack in the bug report:


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