When using argv it has a character limit.  I think it
might be different on different systems but you can
probably use a few thousand characters for each
argument.  You can have as many arguments as
memory can handle.  Probably thousands.  You
should refer to a file for larger data.

If you want to you can put a field in and argument.
Try changing the obj-c example to the following.
You need to use a global variable.

global pFILE1

on mouseUp
   set the defaultFolder to "~/desktop"
   put quote & fld <YOURFIELD1> & quote into pFILE1
   put quote & "My File.txt" & quote into tFILE2
   put shell( "./argv_string" && pFILE1 && tFILE2) into pData
   put pData into fld id <YOURFIELD2>
   beep 2
   put empty into pFILE1
end mouseUp


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