I want to put "cheese" into the third column across of the third line down of my Table Field "TF"

put "cheese" into column 3 of line 3 of fld "TF"   did not work,

put "cheese" into item 3 of line 3 of fld "TF"

put "cheese" into the first column preceded by two commas (default itemDelimiters).

put tab & tab &"cheese" into line 3 of fld "TF"

"worked" insofar as it put "cheese" into column 3, but it also deleted other data in columns 1 and 2 . . .

That use of 'tab' seems clunky in the extreme . . .

And, things are "not much good" if on entering data it deletes other data elsewhere.

I found something very helpful for getting an Array into a Table Field

[ http://lessons.livecode.com/m/4071/l/7810-how-do-i-display-an-array-in-a-table-field ]

but that didn't really help me.

put "Biscuits" & "cheese" into line 3 of fld "TF" gave me "Biscuitscheese" in the first column


put "Biscuits" & tab & "cheese" into line 3 of fld "TF"

did separate the biscuits from the cheese.

This is "a right pox" as, presumably, if one imports a comma delimited data file from outside Livecode one has to go through a "pretty glorious" rigmarole getting all the stuff into the right slots.


Of course the easy answer to my post is to do a knee-jerk "datagrid" or a "wait for datagrid 2" response, but not all of us really want the high learning and coding overhead that the datagrid involves, especially when
we might be dealing with a simple 10 x 10 table of data.

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