Not posted for a long time but still keeping an eye on progress.

Is there any chance of printing a Browser Widget any time soon?

This code just gives a grey printout.

I am waiting patiently for this so that I can use for example amCharts within 

I have implemented a print routine by exporting to an image but as this is an 
image it can turn out blurred.



on mouseUp
   answer page setup --as sheet
   if the result = "cancel" then
      exit mouseUp
   end if
   answer printer --as sheet
   if the result = "cancel" then
      exit mouseUp
   end if
   put  the printPaperRectangle into tPaperRect
   put item 3 of tPaperRect into tAvailWidth
   put item 4 of tPaperRect into tAvailHeight
   put the width of widget "Browser" into tChartWidth
   put the height of widget "Browser" into tChartHeight
   put tAvailWidth/tChartWidth into tWidthRatio   
   put tAvailHeight/tChartHeight into tHeightRatio   
   put min(tWidthRatio,tHeightRatio) into tRatio   
   put tRatio * tChartWidth into tPrintWidth
   put tRatio * tChartHeight into tPrintHeight
   put 0 into item 1 of tPrintRect
   put 0 into item 2 of tPrintRect
   put tPrintWidth into item 3 of tPrintRect
   put tPrintHeight into item 4 of tPrintRect
   print card from topleft of widget "Browser" to bottomRight of widget 
"Browser" into tPrintRect
end mouseUp
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