I’ve found a way to display an image of a google static map, in my app. It’s 
quite easy and well-documented. However, I need to get the lat and lon values 
of the corners of the map, at the displayed zoom level. There is a 
simple-looking javascript example for doing this at:
My javascript knowledge is totally minimal and I am loath to learn javascript 
just to get this one handler into livecode script.

What I have is an application that plots geophysical data on a world map. The 
map kind of ugly at very high magnifications and I thought the google map would 
give me a nice map image, with a wider range of magnifications, and minimize 
local storage space. What I will do is display the map image (centered on a 
particular lat/lon and magnification) in a rectangle, then take a snapshot, 
then copy my data symbols and images into the resulting snapshot. This works 
very will with my current map. I know that I can draw symbols directly on a 
google map using the map api, but it will be much more direct, and build on 
existing code, if I do it as described.

So if anyone who is familiar with javascript has a few moments to give me some 
pointers on how I might convert this to LCS, I’d very much appreciate it. What 
I’m scratching my head over is how to access the parameters from the Google API 
to do the needed calculations. The link above is to the javascript example.

Thanks in advance,
Bill P

William A. Prothero

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