I Can't understand this fixation with how many characters typed.

I now quite like the verbose "dot notation" of Livecode - it's now second
nature and it's the last thing I would even bother asking to augment with
"real" dot notation.

the put <expression> into variable adds very little time to typing and is
so much easier to explain to someone who hasn't been tainted with decades
of the "right way" which was needed when teletypes printed at 10 characters
a second and they had time share systems which were charged on CPU time
used - more data/programs to parse more CPU usage.

If you actually time yourselves or just do a thought experiment - much
easier especially while eating a bar of chocolate, you will see that you
spend probably less than 10% - probably much less - of your time typing NEW

When you start a project you are VERY productive - then you have to really
start thinking when you join the bits together, refactor this, delete that
etc etc.

Most of your time is taken up thinking finding bugs drinking coffee finding
bugs - going to the toilet finding parasites - sorry bugs.

If you add in the auto completion and snippets that some of you use in the
ATOM  editor its probably even less.

Just do the experiment - you WILL be surprised.

To save you the hassle these few links have some eye opening statistic
(from a Google employee and from study of a  Borland team)

The last 3 were stuff i've read before but the first one from Quora I just
found because I was looking for real actual metrics - and it does make the
case in my opinion.
The Bill Atkinson link is just to show the pitfalls of LOC as a metric  ,
which the first link shows as well when someone got his 1000 lines down to
2 lines!


Kindest Regards Lagi
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