I donĀ¹t see why not:

on openStack
   -- Build widgets and libraries
   if the environment is "development" then
      _checkExtension _rootFolder() & "/extensions/com.library.folder.here"
-- insert any others here
end if

end openStack

-- Remove all the files with the extension pExtension in the
-- current directory
command _removeExtension pExtension
   get "find . -depth 1 -name " & quote & "*." & pExtension & quote && "
-exec rm {} \;"
   get shell(it)
end _removeExtension
-- _checkExtension pFolder
-- Proceed to build and install the extension in pFolder if need be
command _checkExtension pFolder
   local tOldFolder, tFiles
   local tExtensionFolder
   set the itemDel to slash
   put item -1 of pFolder into tExtensionFolder
   put the defaultFolder into tOldFolder
   set the defaultFolder to pFolder
   put the detailed files into tFiles
   set the itemDel to comma
   local tPackageTime, tLcbTime, tPackageName
   repeat for each line tFile in tFiles
      local tFilename
      put urlDecode(item 1 of tFile) into tFilename
      if tFilename ends with ".lce" then
         -- Get the last modification date of the package
         put item 5 of tFile into tPackageTime
         put urlDecode(tFilename) into tPackageName
      else if tFilename ends with ".lcb" then
         -- LCB file we want to check
         put item 5 of tFile into tLcbTime
      end if
   end repeat
   -- Guess the extension name from the folder - only take the
   -- first 4 segments, as orientabletext folder, for instance,
   -- also has the version appended to the widget name
   local tExtensionName
   set the itemDel to "."
   put item 1 to 4 of tExtensionFolder into tExtensionName
   if tPackageTime is empty or tPackagetime < tLcbTime or \
         tExtensionName is not among the lines of the loadedExtensions then
      -- Missing or outdated extension package, or extension not loaded
      updateMessage "Building and installing extension" && tExtensionFolder
      _removeExtension "lci"
      _removeExtension "lce"
      _removeExtension "lcm"
      _removeExtension "xml"
      -- Make sure to remove the extension beforehand, installation does
      -- work properly if the extension already exists
      revIDEDeveloperExtensionUninstall pFolder
      wait 500 milliseconds with messages
      revIDEDeveloperExtensionInstall pFolder
      load extension from file tPackageName
      -- Let the IDE load the extension
      wait 500 milliseconds with messages
   end if
   set the defaultFolder to tOldFolder
end _checkExtension

-- _rootFolder
-- Return the root folder of the application
function _rootFolder
   if the environment is "development" then
      set the itemDel to slash
      return item 1 to -3 of the filename of me
      return specialFolderPath("engine")
   end if
end _rootFolder

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