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On 10/07/2017 18:20, panagiotis merakos via use-livecode wrote:
@MIke I guess that Xcode8.3.3 is the one in /Applications/Xcode.app? BTW I
would suggest to have separate folders for each Xcode version, to avoid
problems where the Xcode version is updated automatically (the one
in /Applications/Xcode.app), but LC not yet supports this Xcode version. I
have a folder "Xcode" with subfolders "Xcode_8_2_1", "Xcode_8_3_3" etc, and
each one of the has the respective "Xcode.app" binary.

When I've tried something along these lines, I get an error when building standalones that specifically refers to the path /Applications/Xcode.app, as if somewhere in the process it has been hardwired. The error is:

        linking for arm failed with xcrun: error: active
        developer path
        does not exist, use ‘xcode-select --switch
        path/to/Xcode.app‘ to specify the Xcode that
        you wish to use for command line developer
        tools (or see ‘man xcode-select‘)

I've had to settle for moving the various versions of Xcode in and out of sub-folders, and resetting preferences, each time I switch between LC versions.

Evidently you've found a way of making this work - do you know what the magic might be?



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