I had almost the same sense as Mark on this. Distracting at first, but no 
really in the 

And since we are look at usability of the script editor and add ons I would 
LOVE to have the ability to show "sections" in my scripts

I think it was years ago, or maybe even nowin GLX? anyway, Jerry Daniels had 
that, where some kind of convention at the beginning of a comment, would cause 
it to appear on the left panel list.

I often use things like this in my comments

#########  GRAPHIC EFFECTS ###########

It would really help me if we could see this in the left.   Exactly what to 
notation should be, probably needs thought.

Another simpler convention would be wherever


Or if people use that to comment out whole blocks then we need a new 
convention.  like perhaps like this which I know some use:


If we like this, and can agree on a convention,  I will file an official 
enhancement request.

I suppose that preference could even be added to  the script editor which would 
allow something like

Show Script Sections __ [check] beginning with ______ [we enter the chars we 
want to use to show the first line of that comment]

i.e.  user configurable (since opinions will be all over the place on what to 



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    After all the commotion here, I had to go take a look. So I loaded the 
    new build, and after the initial shock I kind of like it. I think the 
    changes I would make would be to have the text of the loadable handlers 
    dimmed to gray, so that it's obvious that they're not in the script, and 
    to start with a blank line, like the one that separates the real 
    handlers from the wannabes.

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