You have NOTHING to apologise for:

I never thought the jokes were against me (which they weren't);
although, to be honest, I only wear 2 socks when I'm wearing my kilt,
although, right now, as it is high summer here in Bulgaria, I am wearing my kilt
with NO socks, just a pair of open-toed sandals . . .

What I stated was " . . . doesn't share your sense of humour",
and you, as a non-native speaker must be very well aware of how
culturally dependent jokes are.

Here in Bulgaria, although I speak Bulgarian reasonably well,
I tend to avoid attempting jokes as they always misfire, or people
laugh politely and I am filled with self-doubt.

My wife, who is Bulgarian, and I have been married for some 26 years,
and she still does not find most of my jokes funny; even those that have
my people in stitches with laughter. She finds my black humour
actively offensive . . .

 . . . let's try a wee experiment:

----- Trauma Alert: potentially highly offensive joke approaching: if you are of a sensitive
disposition go and feed the cat ------

I went to see a friend of mine who is the secretary of the local bicyclists club.
He told me that his wife had died, and because he had no money to pay for
her to be buried in a graveyard he'd buried her in the garden.

He then took me into the garden to see his wife's grave. Her bare bottom was sticking
up out of the ground. I asked him why this was.

He replied that he needed somewhere to park his bike.

------ You can come back now -----

Now I was told that by my older son, Alexander, who stays in Munich.
He found it very funny, as did his Music Professor (who told it to him)
who is German.

My wife found it foul and tasteless (well, it IS tasteless).

------ Re: intersect . . . invisible images ------

Very many people, moving to another country INTERSECT with various
aspects of the culture of the new country they are in, and are unaware
of the INVISIBLE components until they suffer the hard knocks.

Moving from Scotland to England, or the other way round, there's probably a blendLevel of about 25%

Between Britain and Canada/USA a blendLevel of about 50%

Between all those countries and the Islamic world about 90% (this, in case we are aware of the terrible consequences).

Having worked in 17 countries with a variety of overlapping and non-overlapping cultural tropes
experience teaches me to be 100% opaque at all times.


Anyway, people have been making jokes on this Use-List at my expense for ages; but my ego
is so big I just bathe in the light of attention :)

Love, Richmond.

On 7/17/17 11:18 am, hh via use-livecode wrote:
Richmond M. wrote:
That's because Richmond doesn't share your sense of humour,
and never really could understand North American jokes . . .
As I read this thread (as a non-native speaker), none of the jokes
was against you as person. And mine was based on a very old forum
thread connected to a sock in the sense of the irish "seven drunken

Some of the misunderstanding may be due to the fact that you, being
a linguist, are deeper in the meaning of some wording and phrasing
than others.

At any rate: Sorry from me.

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