I apologize if this is a known (but not to me) issue...

I am finding that the BMI Calculator does not work after it has been built as a standalone in 64bit Linux in recent versions of LiveCode. (I haven't tried in any other OS.) It works as expected within the IDE but in a standalone the Calculate BMI button doesn't execute any scripts. Returning to LC 8.0.1 a standalone functions perfectly if I select all the appropriate widgets for inclusion. But, the standalone exhibits the same broken behavior if I deselect the lib.json widget.

If I save the stack in 8.0.1, with the proper files selected in standalone build settings and open it in 8.1.4 and build, the standalone functions as expected.

Is it possible that the lib.json and/or other widgets is are not being properly included in the standalone in recent versions of LC, at least under 64bit Linux? Maybe I should ask if someone can duplicate this :D It happens to me under every distro I test.


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