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I have to admit that rethinkdb sounds really interesting - I hadn't heard of it until your posting.

Might be worth a crowdfunding / donation request to spread the cost; while I don't have a *need* for it, it might be a worthy target for (a small amount) of my optional spending of my 'pocket money' ;-)


<rant continued>
In 2006 all existing database bugs in bugzilla were rolled into one omnibus 'revDB review' bug report, and the individual report statuses were all changed as 'resolved'. This in favor of 'We will shortly be reviewing revDB' for a major rewrite of the database layer.

Had this actually been done anytime in the intervening eleven years, adding new database types would be much easier. At some point I tried to add mongodb to the engine and eventually hit a brick wall because of an incompatibility with the existing library structure (a clash of static and dynamic libraries, IIRC)

I realize revamping the database layer is a bigger task than trying to shoehorn more database types into the existing bucket, but I think it's high time to revisit (crowdfund) this. Otherwise we're just digging ourselves deeper into the existing muck.

 Mark Wieder

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