Sorry about the asterisks . . .

That is what happens when one copy-pastes directly from the LiveCode scriptEditor into

on mouseUp

put empty into rSortByLength

put fld "CL" into tText

repeat for each word tLine in tText

put tLine&"," &the length of tLine&return after rSortByLength

end repeat

delete char -1 of rSortByLength

sort lines of rSortByLength descending numeric by item 2 of each

put empty into fld "CL"

put rSortByLength into fld "CL"


put 1 into KOUNT

repeat until line KOUNT of fld "CL" is empty

delete the last char of line KOUNT of fld "CL"

delete the last char of line KOUNT of fld "CL"

add 1 to KOUNT

end repeat

end mouseUp

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