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Two examples for testing ambiguity.

  set "8.1" of me to "I dreamt to be quoted"
  set 8.1 of me to "I dreamt to be 8.2"
  put the customProperties of me into cp
  put cp["8.1"] &" : "& cp[8.1] &" : "& cp[8+1/10]
Test and then interchange the first two lines and test again.

  set "G&T" of me to "I dreamt to be geometry and trigonometry"
  put the customProperties of me into cp
  put cp["G&T"]

So this does work as 'expected' currently. i.e. You can use a quoted or unquoted literal for a custom property name, and it will use the literal appropriately.

What doesn't work at the moment is if you have a var name which is quoted:

  local catness
  put "minimal" into catness
  set the "catness" of me to "very much"
  get the customProperties of me
  put the keys of it

Will result in a key 'minimal' and *not* 'catness' - which is perhaps not what would be expected.

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