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In what circumstance would it be necessary to quote the property name?

Use "&" in a key, for example the "G&T" of me

Is there any use case where punctuation in a property name is a good idea?

Is there any use case where punctuation in a variable name is a good idea? ;)

As a custom property set is an unconstrained array; you can actually have custom properties which have any string as key (set via the customProperties property) - so it is entirely possible to create such things. Whether you should or not is another matter, but that's true of lots of things in LiveCode (and many programming languages in general).

The main issue here (I think) is the inconsistency in evaluation of quoted literals - it means that you can't say

"A quoted literal always evaluates to the quoted value"

Instead you have to say:

"In all but the case of using the indirect form of setting a custom property, a quoted literal will evaluate to the quoted value"

Having simple rules which are applicable in all cases both makes things easier to learn, and harder to make mistakes (because you don't trip yourself up on unique inconsistencies which you may have never known, or have forgotten).

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