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I think this bug report has a recipe for the issue you are seeing:


This has been around for a long time. I don’t know of a workaround other
than fully qualifying all object references.

Unfortunately that is a separate issue.

The reason you get that error is because at present the popup button command requires there to be a mouseStack. So if you cmd-tab away from the app whilst your mouse is over some stack, and cmd-tab back in - it will work; if you do not have your mouse over any stack, and do the same you will get the error.

In fact, you get the same error if you press the shortcut combination without the mouse over a stack.

I guess the 'popup' command was always intended to be run in response to a mouse-click - both the ExecPopup function and the 'openmenu()' function in MCButton have a guard against doing anything if the mouseStack is empty.

The requirement for a mouseStack seems to be somewhat deeply tied into the menu code so this could be a little tricky to untangle. (It certainly seems to be part of the mouse tracking behavior menus need on Windows and Linux).

So a simple explanation, but not a clear or easy solution.

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