this is "big news" -- I thought the downloading of LC binary stacks was 
definitely forbidden fruit inside Apple's Walled Garden

Dan wrote:

"The app, on launch, downloads a file (a compressed stack) from my server.  I
know for fact that went without error.  That freshly downloaded stack then
downloads another compressed stack.  The error happened on this second stack.

The app (with the development profile, of course) works perfectly on numerous
iPads and iPhones (using several versions of iOS including 10.3.3) tested on
several WI-Fi wireless networks at multiple locations.  It also preformed
perfectly using cellular data."

Was this app previously submitted, approved, and orking and this is a new 
version? or is this first submission attempt?

Assuming you *do* solve the networking host connection issue, please keep us 
posted as to whether Apple throws up red flags on downloading binary stacks 
from a remote server or if they let it pass


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