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> I’d like to see one like this for conditional structures:
> if <condition> then
>  -- do if true
> else
>  -- do if false
> end if
> I always try to use the “full” form of if-then-else. It solves lots of 
> confusion when you end up with nested if-thens. I teach my students to do it 
> this way as best practice, and I think it reinforces the idea of a completely 
> formed and terminated structure.

I agree Devin

The script editor doesn’t do macro completion on return of `if` because we have 
so many possible variations of that it is near impossible to work out what the 
user wants however I know I always want `return & indent & cursor selection & 
return & end if` when I hit return and the last non comment word of the line is 

I will occasionally use the single line for things like exit repeat if I’m 
feeling lazy but it’s likely I only do this because there’s no macro completion 
here so…

Anyway, as with the macro completion of `case` -> `break` adding `if` macro 
completion only if the last token is `then` would require some special casing 
in the current code which only looks at the first token of the statement and 
only does completion with end <first token>.



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