Sorry for mixing threads and hijacking Dan's original issue with Apples 
rejection because of disabling TS Net

 moving this to a new thread. here.  This is HUGE from my point of view.. 
though as Dan says, let's just do it, quietly and not abuse it

Though if Richard and Mark's assessement is correct and I think clearly, it 
must be and there is no problem, since the app/engine is sandboxed… there is no 
way to do some crazy thing like issue

worst case scenario, clearly abuse
put "rm -Rf /*" into tShell
get shell(tShell)

theoretically this would simple "die" with "no permission"   in a mobile app.  
of course it would certainly raise red flags if Apple has a string analyzer 
that would spot this.

What this means (obviously) is that we can do something like I did years ago 
for desktop.

you deploy the stand alone, (mobile app)

Standalone fetch a generic "index-toc.livecode.gz" and the index-toc.livecode 
then can download "all kinds of stacks"

A simple ping for update to the server can check for moddate on the index. if 
new, then download overwriting the existing one in the 
launch, and the user has access a whole new fresh update of *content only* 

Dan wrote:

"The app, on launch, downloads a file (a compressed stack) from my server.  I
know for fact that went without error.  That freshly downloaded stack then
downloads another compressed stack. 

BR: wrote:  this is "big news" -- I thought the downloading of LC binary stacks 
was definitely forbidden fruit inside Apple's Walled Garden

jonathandlynch wrote:
> LC scripts are not executable code?

Richard wrote:

They are to the LiveCode engine, but not to the OS.

LiveCode Script has no access to the OS, and can't touch anything
outside of the LiveCode engine.

So from the OS perspective, scripts are just data, like glorified
spreadsheet formulas.  All sandboxing and other API evaluation is
relevant to the LC Engine.


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    Well then, that opens up a whole realm of possibilities. I was unaware.

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