I’m curious. Has anybody done much with push notifications on mobile? There is 
a lesson on the livecode web site which is quite detailed, but leaves out the 
server side of the equation. I have been thinking about an emergency alert app 
and am exploring how difficult it would be to implement various communication 
technologies. Texts seem pretty straighforward, but I was thinking that push 
notifications might get more attention.

The goal is to get the information to the recipient’s brain. It can get to the 
device, but unless the last (weak link) is traversed, the alert is ineffective. 
The target time for this is 15 minutes.

I’ve Googled the heck out of these topics and there are really nice expensive 
services that can do the job, but we don’t want to pay the high fees. Others 
are marketing oriented, not optimized for emergency services. A custom app 
could be ideal, especially with increasing wildfire activity worldwide.

Ideas and info?

William Prothero, PhD
Professor Emeritus
University of California, Santa Barbara

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