Bob: fascinating

    [1] ["addr2"]       ,[1] ["smtppassword"]   none,[1] ["itemail"]    ,[1] 
["contactphone"]   661-257-1177,[1] ["contactonsite"]      false, etc. 

what about a 2 diminsional array

    You can see from this format that you can convert to lines and then you can 
filter the lines by key or by value. If you want by key you could filter by 
quote & key & quote. Otherwise for values filter by tab & value. 
    The downside would be working with really large arrays because of course 
this loops through every array element to produce a textual representation of 
the array. Still, it's something if you already have an array for one reason or 
another, and you want to search/filter the array for keys or values.

BR: well I am now going back to the dbase, because it was so easy just to pass 
a new query array (name value pairs for the columns to look up) but on android 
the dBase lib and look up is slow on Android.  I wonder if doing something like 
youa re doing with the array that is already in memory would be faster.

I will have to figure out exactly what you are doing first… can you post the 
full functions?

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