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Mark, if you follow the thread, you will find that I hit a known
problem and it was remedied in a newer version of LC8. The comment/tip
from Keith is quite useful since the files I produce are printed by
different print shops in different countries. The shop I use locally
accepts files with sRGB but warns that color might be slightly off due
to conversion to CMYK.

That's why I was intrigued - I inferred that your fix was to use an sRGB profile in the JPEGs rather than CMYK.

However, there still sounds like an issue somewhere - the engine should cope with CMYK, so assuming there is a profile in the JPEG for CMYK it should display similar to Preview. I know CMYK JPEGs are a bit gnarly so having an example which doesn't work quite right might help them work a little better and more consistent generally.

Of course, I could have misunderstood entirely!

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