At the last LC V6 and early V7 versions I built a mobile (Android) application 
(getDealDone, gDD) working with the On-Rev-backend working real-time with 
(Google) app-store for subscription registration. I think the last version, 
which still works, was updated for about two years ago.  It might be off the 
store, please tell if you want to hack with it.

At the time of the development the important factors were:

-       Just LiveCode only, every line both in the device and in the server
-       I could shift any function to be done at the server from the mobile 
device or vice versa
-       -       there were many functions this way "interchangeable"; could 
move any action to perform either in the device or in the server
-       -       SQL interfaces were equal in the device (to SGLite) and in the 
server (mySQL)
-       -       security functions were equal in server and in the devices
-       -       communication with app-store (Google) was well defined (but not 
well documented in LC), and set to work well
-       scaling of the user interface was to be done by the application, not 
leaning on LC scaling
-       got icons from outside, did some own coarse ones myself
-       make sure the all-newest tricks were not used, but leaned on certainly 
proven self made functions

It was surprising that with very intense crypt/decrypt functions LC V6/V7 
performs very, very well; obviously any small improvement is welcome, but can 
survive without it.

Now the question is, what does LC V8.6 (the latest) add to make the app revisit 
worth while (besides all the wrong design decisions with U/I etc)?

My wish list

#1 would be exactly equal handling of Android, Apple, XX app-store API's and 
device functions, icons etc.
#2 Icon creating add-on (don't want to by $1K Adobe SW for it);
#3 Equal API's for mySQL and the other main free SQL offerings like MarieDB and 
any DBMS
#4 A way to make reviewing of developed applications with LC specialists easier 
(read less £ heavy; both parties would get benefit)

Just thoughts but please tell your reaction.

PS.  My application sold 0 (zero) units.  But it is a great one, anyway. Had a 
lot of fun writing 10K+ lines of pure LC code I still can read.

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