Before I bug report this, has anyone else had problems printing styled text to 
PDF on Windows? I’ve been printing multipage reports (lots of formatting, 
graphics etc) to PDF using LC on a Mac for ages without any problems (well, not 
this particular problem at least). However, when I try to do the same on 
Windows it screws up the text formatting if any of the text within a field to 
be printed includes bolded or italicised words, introducing adjacent 
non-existent spaces or (equally bad) rending the styled text so that it 
overlaps the non-styled text on either side of it. I’ve tried changing the font 
at the stack and field level, thinking that might help but to no avail. If an 
entire line or field has a style associated with it then there is no problem. 
It’s only when styles are mixed within a field.

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