I have just uploaded a stack "Make DocSet" to revonline that creates a 
"LiveCode.docset" for use in the documentation/snippet manager Dash
https://kapeli.com/dash <https://kapeli.com/dash>

>From the revOnline entry:

"Dash" is a documentation and snippet manager for MacOs and iOS.

The MacOS version of Dash is a paid for app.

The iOS version of Dash is FREE!

This stack was made using LC 8.

"Make DocSet" will extract all the guides, images and all the dictionary 
entries in the IDE and format them intto "html".

It will then construct a docset package on your desktop with all the html 
files, images and SQlite index required by Dash.

To install into Dash (assuming you have a copy) just double click.

to install on yout iOS device, trnasfer the file via iTunes to the Dash app.

As the docs are updated in each release of LiveCode you can use the stack 
regenerate the docset, should you wish, to ensure your copy is up to date.

You can try out Dash and see if it is helpful.
It can access/download over 150 documentation sets.


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