Our new app (goes to the iOS store today… then I have to go break coconuts and 
pray to the Gods of Apple for approval)

as I do final tweaks I find myself wishing that all the binary stacks where at 
the top of the PB list

You see, as "views" with almost no code, it means that they act as "portals" to 
the scripts that drive the show.

So  instead of scanning for


# which is assigned to a stack "settings.livecode"
# along with many other scripts

I would like to see all my binary "views" at the top. I can just look into the 
various stack/card/control(s)
find things like:

group: homeScreenBottomNav                517 | 0

# where the first number is the line of the behavior is clickable and then 

behavior_viewNavBottom  in the script editor..

The binary stack/views become a TOC of sorts for all the underlying text only 

As development proceeds toward a RC, we will be typically working and testing 
from the "top down" and so you want to tweak this or that
working through the PB by going to the binary you are viewing and click on the 
associated "parent" scripts  is very efficient.

So, why not have those all at the top?

Just like we have "stacks in use" at the bottom


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