> I wrote:

> Each element has properties (in order of the layering):
> Colors (using high contrast colors),
> Image (load these from server or disk, 150 'icons' are built in),
> SVGpath (use the built in SVGs or any other valid path),
> Text (multiline supported),
> Number (readable only).

Correction, sorry.

The method I chose to load images *from server* is "blocking", so not usable.

I took this out (though it worked from local server), but I forgot to take
this out from the description.
I suppose this can currently only be solved via LCS, so it's better to download 
the images to a local folder (may be temporary) and then let the widget use 
that folder.

[When using files from local disk the widget loads the images into an array and 
uses them from there. So it#s fast enough].

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