I am trying to get MergAV to work in a mobile app, but so far I haven't had
much luck...

Here's some of what I've tried:

on openStack
          if the environment = "mobile" then mergAVRequestMediaAccess
end openStack

command startRecordingVideo
          set the currentlyRecording of this stack to true
          mergAVCamSet "rect",the rect of grc "cam"
          mergAVCamSet "visible","true"
          put the seconds into tTitle
          put "av" before tTitle
          put ".mov" after tTitle
          mergAVCamStartRecording (specialFolderPath("documents") &"/" &
tTitle ) 
end startRecordingVideo

When I load it onto my iPhone I get:
634,0,0 control not created yet, 573,49,1 mergAVCamStartRecording

Anyone know what I've done wrong?

Greg (pink) Miller
mad, pink and dangerous to code
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