I’ve always just created a .ipa file from my LC iOS app builds by dragging them 
into iTunes and then back out again. Now Apple has gone and removed apps from 
the latest version of iTunes (which appears to have automatically updated on my 
Mac) and I’m left without a way to do this. Are there any easy alternatives?

For example will putting the app in a folder called ‘Payload’, zipping it and 
renaming it as a .ipa file work or is there some extra stuff than happens as 
part of the .app to .ipa conversion?

And on a related note. Now that iTunes is out of the picture, are there any 
other simple tools that I can use to move apps onto an off a number of devices? 
I have a set of about 50 iPads that I build apps for but I’ve always just 
managed these using iTunes as most of the dedicated apps like Configurator are 
overkill for what I need to do.

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