Apologies Monte, I'm sure autocomplete will be handy at some point, but is there a command I can issue in the message box to turn it off for a while?

Yesterday it went amok and I had to quit LC and restart to get normal operation back. In those situations it would be good to be able to turn it off. I don't have a recipe but I think it may have been related to remote debugging. As near as I can remember:

My Android phone was cabled to the Mac and when asked, I clicked "yes" to start a remote debugging session. In this case none of my breakpoints triggered (not the fault of remote debugging, my breakpoints were in places that didn't run) so I quit the app. LC never indicated I had disconnected.

I began to edit a script and the phone went to sleep. There was severe lag, the script editor started missing keystrokes and would then add them to some other place in the line. Every attempted correction caused other characters to be inserted somewhere else. I tried to add a comment to a line and autocomplete kept inserting text for me though I didn't select any of the suggestions (shouldn't it ignore anything to the right of a comment delimiter?)

Eventually the script got so mangled I just quit without saving. I think if I had been able to turn off autocomplete from the message box I could have corrected and saved my work.

We probably also need a way to turn off remote debugging when we're done with it, just in case.

LC 9.0 dp 9
Mac OS X Sierra

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