What is the expected behavior of remote debugging? I'm not sure if what I see is how it is supposed to work, or a bug.

I have an app that does not have the remote debugger included in the Inclusions pane. Looking at the revStandaloneSettings custom properties, it is (correctly) not in there either.

Every time I do a test build, LC asks if I want to start a remote debugging session. Until I noticed the dialog, I thought the app had hung on launch. I have to provide a response on every test build before the app will run. Also, even if I just relaunch the app after installation, it asks again. Basically I can't run the app without replying to the dialog. Is this correct behavior?

Also, as I mentioned before, if I say "yes" to the dialog, and quit the app via the Home or App Switcher, there is no message that debugging has been discontinued. I am pretty sure that's due to the fact that LC doesn't send any messages with those keys. At any rate, when that happens, the scripts can't be edited as they are still in a locked state and I can't find a way out of that unless I quit and relaunch LC.

What is the expected behavior? There's no toggle to control remote debugging.

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