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> There are character set differences between the different platforms, when 
> entered in an app by the user.  Characters slash "/" for example is one of 
> these.
> Has anyone detected the same problem?  What would be the intelligent solution 
> to overcome this?  So when a user is typing "ä" (a with umlaut) from Android 
> device soft keyboard, it will be displayed the same on his/her iPAD screen?  
> The amount of text typed is not large, 100 or so chars.
> Unless there is a new trick since LC V7 (just transferring to V8), the only 
> solution would be device-vise use conversionTable[key,os], and maintain it as 
> differences appear

Unicode ä should be the same everywhere. Are you sure you aren’t doing 
something that is native encoding the text during the transfer from one deice 
to the other? At any point when you write/read the text to/from a file, socket 
or database you will need to encode/decode it.

/ should be the same everywhere regardless of encoding so that’s a little odd 
if you are having issues with that!


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