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As Apple no longer supports running 32 bit apps under iOS 11, would it be
possible to make including a 32 bit slice optional, as defaulting to
universal binaries almost doubles the size of the app bundle (my app went from 18 MB when built with LC 8.1.7 RC-2 to 31 MB when built with LC 8.1.7 RC-3. Ideally in iOS Application Settings one could choice from : (1) Build
universal binary; (2) Build 64 bit binary only; (3) Build 32 bit binary

I believe the iTunes store automatically removes unnecessary slices from apps *before* they get downloaded onto a user's phone (and I wouldn't be surprised if this also happens when transferring the app locally through Xcode / iTunes - although this is somewhat difficult to check without a rooted iOS device!).

The current situation from the S/B's point of view is this:

1) If the min iOS version in the S/B is set to iOS 11, then only a 64-bit slice will be included and it will only work on devices which have iOS 11

2) If the '32-bit only' checkbox is set, then the S/B will only include a 32-bit slice - this is to support iPad 1 (it was added to support a few customers who were having to support iPad 1's in their apps after Apple added the 64-bit option - we're not sure if anyone is still using it which is why it is still there).

3) Otherwise the S/B will include a 32-bit and 64-bit slice. This means that the app can run on devices older than the iPhone 5s (which was the first to run in 64-bit mode).

The reason the 32-bit slice is still needed is that the (32-bit only) iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C can run up to iOS 10 - so *not* including it would exclude those devices from being able to use your app.

To rephrase (for clarity) - the slices required in an iOS app are determined by the min iOS version you have set in the S/B with the remit of supporting as many devices as possible.

So the question is whether we actually need an explicit toggle - or whether it is better for the S/B to just do the right thing (as it does at the moment) based on iOS target version...

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