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Peter Read wrote:
One note of caution regarding the use of the "repeat for each" loop,
whilst you will get a loop iteration for every value in the collection
(fldhexa3 in your example), you are not guaranteed the order in
which they will occur. This doesn't matter in a lot of cases but
does matter when the sequence is significant.  In the case of your
example I believe sequence is critical, otherwise the pixels might
appear to be scrambled!

Prior to 7, you had to be careful not to modify either the container being iterated over *or* the var holding the chunk for the current iteration as it could cause issues as described (actually, it was fundamentally unsafe to do that, as it could result in a crash). i.e.

  repeat for each item tItem in tContainer
    replace "Foo" with "B" in tContainer -- BAD - MIGHT CAUSE PROBLEMS
    put "a' into char 2 of tItem -- BAD - MIGHT CAUSE PROBLEMS
  end repeat

From 7 onwards, this is no longer the case. You can do whatever you want with either the container. Indeed, in 7, the engine essentially operates as if it was iterating over a copy of the container and with a copy of the chunk (i.e. tItem and tContainer in the above snippet).

Upshot - you can do whatever you want with your variables - the engine ensures that what you do won't affect what you asked for to begin with (in particular, if you asked to iterate over tContainer, then it will iterate over tContainer as it was at the point you first asked - any changes to tContainer after the initial repeat for each line will have no effect on the repeat for each clause).

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