Since Ali got sound capture for Android working, I'm trying to see if it's 
possible to output the sound in WAV format instead of MP4 format. I'm trying to 
compare 2 sounds (1 prepared previously against 1 captured on the Android 
device) and it seems to be easier to compare them if they are both uncompressed 
WAV files.  Looking at the various parameters in the library, I can't see how 
to set it up to output in uncompressed WAV format. Here is the initialisation 
code I'm using:

        androidRecorderSetRecordInput "Mic"
        androidRecorderSetRecordCompressionType "AMR NB"
        androidRecorderSetRecordFormat "ThreeGPP"

I can't see which alternatives for CompressionType (AMR NB) and Format 
(ThreeGPP) will give me uncompressed WAV files. Am I missing something or does 
the library need updating to support WAV (if this is possible)?

Peter Reid
Loughborough, UK

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> Hi All,
> Firstly thanks to Peter Reid for discovering that the foreign bindings in
> that blog post were out of date! I have updated the blog accordingly. I
> took the liberty of tidying up the LCB code, and adding docs and a sample
> stack - you can check them out here (for now)
> The library should be included in 9.0 DP 9.
> Cheers,
> Ali

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