I’m needing to allow the user resize a stack window using scaleFactor and am 
needing advice about interface.

First of all, I see that some Livecoders are using scripts to scale controls 
and text when the user drags the stack size larger or smaller. In my case, 
there are too many controls and text layout is too sensitive, and I really 
don’t need the improvement in resolution to use that method. In my case:
1. Default size is good for most people
2. Some have 12” laptops that make the window just a tad too large to fit
3. Some have larger screens whereby they might want to expand the window to 
fill more space

For the too-small issue, I can automatically scale the window at start up. 
However, how do I present the choice to the user to manually make the window 

Clicking on the zoom box resizes the window, not scales it—no good. Is there a 
message that can be intercepted to scale instead of zoom?

Do I otherwise (working with the stack with size locked) add drag controls to 
the edges of the window that scales when dragged? Does anyone have scripts for 

Or should this be some kind of preference item?


Peter Bogdanoff

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