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>> One option would be to leave the extension off when initially
>> presented to the user. Then add the correct extension before saving
>> if the user did not manually add one. It is probably a little more
>> complicated than that though... unless the user has their OS set to
>> display extensions, they may not be presented with them normally. I’m
>> not sure if that is detectable from within LC though.
> One thing to be aware of with this approach is that it won’t work if
> your app is sandboxed (apps distributed through the Mac App Store are
> sandboxed). When sandboxed you can only write to a file path that the
> user explicitly specifies. You will get an error if you try to change
> the path that the user specified in the save as dialog.

Good point. Thanks for that, Trevor.

It would seem an enhancement request is in order.

Paul, are you in a position to file that?

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