Hi all. 

When populating forms on a Macintosh, I figured out a nice little hack which 
allows me to populate a fillable form with values using AppleScript. The trick 
is to tell Applescript to tell Acrobat to run a Javascript! Seems a little 
convoluted but it works great. 

So I discovered recently that Applescript can run Javascript natively! Great. I 
figured I would bypass applescript and pass javascript directly! But I've run 
ingo a snag. Here is a quick sample of what works:

tell application "/Applications/Adobe Acrobat DC/Adobe Acrobat.app"
set theScript to "this.getField(\"technotes\").value = \"This is only a test. 
do script theScript
end tell

Don't let the backslash quotes trip you up I am just escapting quote 
characters. Now the Javascript version *should* look like this but it does NOT 

Acrobat = Application('Adobe Acrobat');

this.getField("technotes").value = "This is only a test.";

I get an error that this.getField is undefined! Whaaaaa??? Why does it work as 
an applescript command then??

Bob S

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