Hi all.

Looking for your insights on an issue. Here's the scenario.. 

I have a standalone Win/Mac app that autosaves user data to a stack file as
the user moves from card to card. Typically, files reach sizes of 100-200k.
Normally, this works great. But a couple of times a year, some user will
manage to get corrupted data causing his stack files to be unusable. 

I've opened some of these corrupt stack files in a text editor and found the
data loss shows the Save operation was interrupted. There's no garble. Just
an abrupt end to the data and the file.  

I've found a common link in these cases -- either the app is on a network
drive or the stack file is on a network drive. 

My theory is that network save operations are slower than saving on a local
drive, and somehow this contributes to the data loss. But how?

All theories (except conspiracy) are welcome!

Tom B.

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