I have just uploaded a stack "mkvmerge" to livecodeshare.

I manipulate lots of video files from different sources.
In doing so I have on occassion need to use the main mkv processing app 

Anyone who has used this app knows how powerful it is.

mkvToolnix has a batch file processing capability and where I need to make 
individual changes to the settings, depending on the files concerned, this is 
the way to go.

However there are many occassions where I wish to apply the same settings to 
each file in the "batch" I have.

Enter "mkvMerger" 

mkvMerger will take a list of files (or two) and apply the same mkvmerge 
command to each one.

The files are saved to a newly created directory either next to the original 
first directory (if processing from two directories) or within the the first 
directory (if processing from that alone.)

It will save 5 sets of settings/arguments for the mkvmerge binary but comes 
with three of them already set.

1. The first will simply remux the supplied files into a "mkv" container.

2. The second will take subtitles from one mkv file and transfer to another.

3. The third will take an srt file and mux it into the mkv file.

This has been made on a Mac but I think the filepaths etc should work on Win or 

If you wish to make a standalone (I have) you will need to make a splash stack 
and then call this stack as I save all the settings as custom properties in 
this stack.

Of course, this stack requires the mkvMerge binary to run.

The simplest way to get this is to download the mkvToolnix app from the site:


This stack was saved using LC9DP10



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