1.  Question 1:

What is the problem with getting the radio buttons "tick boxes" scalable?

Trying to remember, I asked about it for a few years ago, and the answer by LC 
team was, it is about the icon??

I tried using switch button widgets, but the scaling of those isn't linear 
(width / height) as any other objects.

So, do I need to do my own radio buttons (i.e. use a round hilite button + text 
button) or would there be another solution?

2.  Question 2:

LC 8.1.7 rc-3; there is instability in retaining setups.  For example, 
upgrading from the previous G version the path to SDK was lost.  Also various 
setups seem to move, the background of the screen goes all grey.  Anyone 
experiencing oddities like this?

Christer Pyyhtiä

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