I've investigated further the way the Android filing system seems to be 
available to LC 9.0.0-dp10. As I reported previously, I have found several 

Here's what I've found, (with my app being identified as "com.reidit.aphtrain" 
in the examples):

1. The internal storage area pointed to by specialFolderPath("engine") or 
specialFolderPath("resources") is Read-Only (RO) and contains any files & 
folder specified in Standalone settings to be included in the Copy Files 
section.  Specifically, the path returned by "engine"/"resources" is:


This can be accessed RO reliably and seems to be the correct behaviour.

2. The internal storage area pointed to by specialFolderPath("documents") is 
Read-Write (RW) and can be used as such. However, the path returned by 
"documents" is INCORRECT:


The correct path should be:


If I replace the leading "data" with "Android", the path works fully with RW 

3. If I pre-load files & folders onto a microSD card on my computer, I have to 
place them in a path such as:

        /Android/com.reidit.aphtrain/<files & folders>

Such files & folders are Read-Only in the tablet and accessible using the 
following path:

        /storage/sdcard1/Android/com.reidit.aphtrain/<files & folders>

It seems that Android 5 or later (FireOS 5 in my case) locks down SD cards. 
They used to be fully RW but are now treated as mainly RO apart from an area 
for the app to use. If I get the path from specialFolderPath("external 
documents"), the path gives me Read-Write access to the following area:

        /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.reidit.aphtrain/files/<files & 

During the running of the app, the above path works fully for RW access but 
doesn't show any of the pre-loaded files & folders.  However, If I connect the 
microSD card to my computer again, this area is NOT VISIBLE!

In summary, we seem to have the following available in LC 9:

1. internal     "engine"        RO      Yes     No      

2. internal     "documents"     RW      ERROR   No      

3. internal     "documents"*    RW      Yes     No      

4. external     "external doc"  RW      Yes     NO      

5. external     "external doc"* RO      Yes     Yes     

The result of the above is that it is difficult creating files & folders on the 
fly that you can get out of the tablet afterwards such that they can be read on 
a computer!

Can anyone confirm my findings and make recommendations?

Also, specialFolderPath("documents") seems to have a BUG as it delivers the 
wrong path (in LC 9.0.0-dp9/10).



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