Does anyone have similar problems:

1.      starting LC 8.1.7 in Mac, using a second display creates a gray screen 
on the Mac
-       some of the windows, for example Tools Palette remain behind it, you 
have to toggle it off and then on to get it on the screen
-       IDE windows appear nearly in random locations, there is no way to set 
up a screen, save everything and quit LC, start and you would have the same 
display setup available; this was the norm with LC 8.1.3

2.      Screen handling in running the app is just unmanageable, compared to 
8.1.3.  For example, going to another card seems to mess up how the fills work 
(btw is there a comprehensive explanation in the user manual what the heck the 
different fill things work on the stack and objects level? - Is there a way to 
reset the defaults for the stack and objects?).

3.      Screen handling between 8.1.6 in IDE and Android are radically 
different - using card move and lock screen and delays is guess work.  Any 
problems in the iOS world?

4.      Android is definitely up to 10x slower than in 8.1.3.  Could be as bad 
as 100x.  This is reflected in recognising clicks, running scripts (doing some 
simple math), indirect referencing, do sentences.

5.      I have read from LC documentation that there are difficulties with the 
latest Android SDK, not being compatible.  Is this still true?  What should I 
do to fix it, if this is the problem then?

I am not ordering for LC support service currently, the questions above should 
be solved otherwise.

Final question, is there a list of wanted features / developments the users are 
wanting available somewhere?

Christer Pyyhtiä

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