One app report 90 crashes in iTunes connect among users who have opted in.

How can we analyze these to make improvements?

in xCode we can set our account preferences  then go

Window -- Organizer -- Crashes

and xCode will fetch data for the app you have up … if click on the iOS app for 
your app on the left, then you get info listings on the right.  but these give 
me nothing I can make any use of … long list under e.g:

"Thread 8"

0 SivaSiva 0x34000
1 SivaSiva 0x34000

clicking on the small arrow take you to a window to "Open crash longs in:


No recent Projects

since we don't build our standalones in xCode, we have not project, so no way 
to view any of these crash logs.

1 crash total for iPad 4th Generation model

So I am not seeing there the total of 90 is coming from in the analytics.

IN any case, is there some way we can make these reports more useful in terms of

a) sending to LC HQ
b) figuring out what is going on that we should change in our LC scripting 
(though a case could be made that if it is not crashing or breaking in the IDE, 
then it Is not something we can fix in our LC code…

?? Any LC develop got all this figured out?


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