I made a few changes to a stack that was some working, and still works on 
desktop, but hangs on iOS. I think I even have recipe for the UX/UI 
tapping-navigation across handlers/stacks/screens that will cause the app to 
crash in iOS.

I used to only dev test SA's on Android because if it worked on Android it 
*always* worked on iOS, but not the other way around, and it's so fast to 
deploy interations to an Android device. But my little Nexus 5 died (made in 
2013) and I have a Pixel (used) on it's way to replace but not here yet…

Does remote debugging (in 9.*) only fire on Android? I added it to my 
standalone/inclusions set a break point in a script  and save the script and 
tested with my iPhone as a target… the app ran but did not break the break 
point. (9 DP11

now I'm stuck with only my iPhone 7…So how do we debug on iOS? Seems like a 
black box.

I know there is a way to get the crash reports off the phone but I don't think 
they are going to be transparent enough to tell precisely where in the script 
the app hangs/crashes. And since it is working on desktop, no runtime errors… 
I'm in the dark.

Perhaps worth it to extract the crash reports from the phone (via xCode) and 
send those in to HQ…

moving back to 8.1.9…


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