On 12/24/2017 04:05 PM, Stephen Barncard via use-livecode wrote:
All of the commands work great by using the shell command in LC, except for
the fact that my app waits until some of the commands have finished.

If your concern is bypassing the blocking nature of shell(), then you should be aware that there are methods which detach a process from the shell after opening it and these can be used in LiveCode shell() to make it non-blocking.

For example:

get shell ("nohup mycommand --some-params 'can use single quotes to escape if necessary' &")

here the command is prefaced with the 'nohup' and a space and is closed with a space and &

There are several variations for redirecting to /dev/null which also work to make the shell() non-blocking. Here's an example:

get shell ("mycommand --some-params 'can use single quotes to escape if necessary' </dev/null &>/dev/null &")

This doesn't respond to your direct question about "open process" but it *may* be a straightforward way to resolve the issue that has caused you to inquire.

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