So: if the effectRate defaults to 2000 (which is what I'm seeing here on 
desktop) and you have
Show image "grand-canyon" with visual effect dissolve very fast
# theoretically 1/5 of 2000 = 400 milliseconds

why is the script profiler saying this line takes 4765 milliseconds top execute?

The dictionary has two methods: if you look up "show" it appears you should be 
able to perform this "directly"

But, under the visual effect command the suggested method is to lock screen, 
make the change then unlock the screen with visual effect.  And we get 
different results, various conditions where the effect just does not happen 
anyway…no fadein as expected… there is a delay… screen is "stuck" and suddenly 
the image changes.

hopefully this all improves very soon as CSS Animation which is fast and 
smooth… now dominates UI everywhere, even for small inconsequential UX ops… 
designers are expect all kinds of "oozing" warp,slide,fade away etc.

Frankly I'm sure users care that much, and if you have a very strong content 
component, it's a lot more compelling than having your address book "zip up" 
when you close it.  And what I'm here is that the most important thing is 
stability and performance. So, I may just remove all these dissolves.

Richard wrote:

    Effect durations can be normalized and fine-tuned using the effectRate 
    global property.

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