On 12/31/17 7:31 PM, Nicolas Cueto via use-livecode wrote:
To do "some calculations", I thought of comparing the loc to the
scalefactor. So ran the standalone on three devices, but saw no consistent
corelation between the differing locs and the scalefactor.

So, still no clue what to use for these calculations...

My math skills are terrible so we need someone more clever to fix my calculation. But this seems to work for most scalefactors until you get down to about 0.6 or lower:

on setloc pScale
  -- pScale = the desired scaleFactor
  put the screenloc into tSLoc
  if pScale <= 1 then
    put 1 + (1-pScale) into tRatio
    put 1/pScale into tRatio
  end if
  put item 1 of tSLoc * tRatio into item 1 of tNewLoc
  put item 2 of tSLoc * tRatio into item 2 of tNewLoc
  set the scalefactor of this stack to pScale
  set the loc of this stack to tNewLoc
end setloc

I'm pretty sure there's a way to calculate the ratio without the "if" clause so that it works for both large and small scales and I'm not sure why it breaks at about 0.6. Hopefully one of our math gurus can advise.

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