I’m developing a very simple uninstaller for a Mac app. I have an installer, 
thanks to DropDMG. 

The uninstallation process isn’t difficult - it’s just a matter of deleting all 
the involved files (some are slightly tricky to find, like dock aliases, but I 
guess there’s a way around that). But there’s one issue that I’m unsure about: 
what to do if the user has not obeyed the installer's instructions to place the 
app in the Applications folder, or has maybe got a beta copy that wasn’t 
installed using the installer, or has made a ‘spare’ copy somewhere on their 
hard disk which I don’t know about. I can’t see any way to detect these ‘rogue’ 
copies - can anyone else think of one? I know there are some big hitters in 
this area like CleanMyMac that claim to be able to find everything to do with 
an installed app, but I am not that ambitious - I just don’t want to miss 
anything obvious.

Any help would be appreciated.


PS When I crack this, I’ll have to do the same thing for a PC version of the 
app. But first things first.
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