Given an object reference, how can I tell the object is a datagrid? You might 
say, get the dgProp ["control type"], but every object contained within a 
datagrid group will ALSO return "data grid". In fact, EVERY dgProp arguement 
for every item in a datagrid group will do the same. 

The reason I ask is that I want to get the minimum left/top and maximum 
right/bottom of every VISIBLE object on a card that is NOT a group but 
notwithstanding INCLUDING Datagrids, so that I can set the rect of the card 
containing them in a consistent way. The thing is, groups have margins (I'm not 
going to set the margins of all my groups to 0) and these are not visible, so 
could skew the positioning of what IS visible. Datagrids do NOT have margins 
that I can tell, even though they are groups. For example, if I had a group on 
the left edge but not on the right edge, the objects on the card would look off 

Bob S
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